Monday, May 27, 2019

What Happened to the old websites???

My guess is corporate greed has struck again! To put a long story into a tiny little box, 2 of my 3 websites, and, were suddenly and without warning restricted by my web host,

For years I have been paying for a Wix premium site (it's none too cheap either) where my primary business site is hosted ( As everyone knows, Wix also provides free sites. It was an easy task for me to forward the domains I already own to these free sites. Anytime someone navigated to or they would arrive at my free Wix sites. Naturally, on my free sites, Wix posted ads. Understandable. After all, Wix has to make something on those "free" websites, right?

Evidently, Wix doesn't like people forwarding to their sites anymore. This creates several problems for me:
  • Those links out there scattered all over the internet will no longer link to my Wix-hosted free pages. They will now get that maddening nothing page: 
  • People who subscribed to my sites are now orphaned since I've had to relocate my sites (this probably includes YOU!) PLEASE RE-SUBSCRIBE. My apologies.
  • Recreating entirely new sites is a bitch, to put it plainly. Using different web builders means they won't look exactly the same as the original. I decided to just reimagine them while also making them much SIMPLER - simpler for you and for me. That's an upside.

The Upside... 

The webpages will now be simpler, easier to navigate, and ... the BIG payoff for me... far less time consuming for me to maintain! This means there will be more and better posts. When my paid Wix page comes up for renewal I will transition away from them.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.


Saturday, May 25, 2019

How Many Skins?

Greetings & Felicitations!

Everybody knows that snakes shed their skin to allow them to grow bigger and stronger. According to the website Wonderopolis, snakes do it 2 to 4 times yearly! Mammals like us humans ALSO shed our skins to make room for new growth- we just do it more gradually and - thankfully - we don't have to struggle and scrape our skins off on rocks and other rough surfaces!

A Better School...

What does this have to do with Stonehaven Academy? We have undergone a few "skin replacements" too! Like the snake, our changes are not so gradual. They tend to happen in spurts; new page looks, new hosts, new blog- even a fundamental shift in approach to learning at our school. I think time will prove these changes to be an upgrade overall.


Please share your thoughts with us. Your opinions, positive or negative, are important. This will help us shed old skins and make your experience with us better and better. Hopefully, the future will see a school that is run for and BY the students! As I have said many times, my hope is that I will be the first of many Headmasters to come after me.

Bright Blessings to all of you!


What Happened to the old websites???

My guess is corporate greed has struck again! To put a long story into a tiny little box, 2 of my 3 websites, and...